How does it work?

We know your business is much more than a credit score which is why we take a “big picture” approach to underwriting your business.  This means your payback will be determined by a number of factors including your real time cash flow, online customer reviews and future projections.


Pricing can start as low as 5.49% depending on loan type and rates are calculated as a one-time fixed fee applied to the funding advance amount. In the event that there are any additional fees incurred they will be part of the contract and will not be assessed until after funding.  Power Funding does not charge any fees unless you obtain financing.

Rates will vary depending on approximate repayment term and the financial strength of your business as well as the type of loan security.  


Repayment is typically made through daily automatic deductions from your business checking account.

Daily payments are cash flow friendly and simple to manage since there are no checks to write.

Weekly repayments are available to qualified businesses!

Want to discuss the terms for your business?  Call us at 855-617-0206 and we’d be happy to help!